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The Story

LillyBit was founded by combining a long time passion for design with a new found love of motherhood.  Lyssa Surface (founder) and her team take great pride in designing products that are unique, fun, practical and functional for fashionistas of all ages.

Lyssa Surface came up with the idea for the LillyBit Uptown Diaper Clutch after feeling frustrated changing her daughter in public restrooms. Lyssa didn’t want to set her bag down on an icky countertop or floor, and had trouble diapering her baby while trying to find diapers and wipes in an oversized, heavy diaper bag. When Lyssa couldn’t find a small and stylish bag to accommodate her needs, she decided to create one. To help shape her vision into a real-life product, Lyssa collaborated, and talked to other mothers to develop the uniquely functional LillyBit Diaper Clutch.

The unique tri-fold design allows easy access to essential baby gear - including diapers, wipes and rash ointment. One snap allows one-handed access to each of the pockets for diapering necessities. The interchangeable strap is easily adjusted to wear a variety of ways: as an over-the-shoulder bag, hand-bag, wristlet or clutch.

LillyBit takes great pride in selecting the highest quality materials. With exclusive LillyBit prints and soft interior lining, modern parents will appreciate the luxurious details of the Uptown Diaper Clutch. The UDC includes an outside pocket; mom can safely store her necessities like phone, cash, identification and credit cards and quickly attach keys to the high quality swivel snap hook for added functionality. We have added a detachable changing pad to make changing your baby even easier!

Mom no longer needs a heavy and bulky baby bag and purse for a quick convenience run. Just grab the LillyBit Uptown Diaper Clutch and mom on-the-go has minimal baggage with everything she needs.

LillyBit, caters to every inner fashionista. Shop our online boutique for unique, one of a kind products that keep you fashionable while on the go!